Using collage, storytelling, and performance, Meredith explores the process and pedagogy of mind-body practices and ways they allow us to connect to our experience and frame it.

After completing an MFA in 2007, Meredith worked for a decade at the University of Chicago to develop campus-wide programming in mind-body medicine. Her programs explored the relations between art, wellness, education and spirituality, helping participants develop life and work patterns that promote physical and emotional well-being. This included site-specific yoga and meditation classes in galleries, gyms, and campus chapels that addressed themes like resilience, inclusiveness and acceptance. Meredith also worked clinically with students to relieve stress and pain and promote wellness. At the University of Chicago’s medical school, she collaborated with faculty to develop and teach a fourth-year Empathy class and mind-body curriculums in the first year symposium and family medicine rotation. In 2013, Meredith was granted the Campus and Student Life Award for Outstanding Service to the Community.

Meredith is grateful to have been part of Rebuilding the Present at Weinberg Newton Gallery, Pathogeographies (or, Other People's Baggage), Our Literal Speed, and The Pedagogical Factory. She has led meditations with performative elements in retreat centers, theaters and galleries, and as part of trainings in dance, yoga and somatic therapy.

Currently, Meredith explores similar themes through picture books manuscripts and collages, which are rooted in Buddhist teachings, the fabulist tradition and somatic experience. Whenever possible, she participates in collaborative art making including site-specific performance and is developing a collage based social-practice series called The Collage Stop. She lives with her husband and daughter in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where she attends and offers studio classes and works on writing and collage daily.